School Year in the Philippines

The school year here in the Philippines is starting up soon - most schools will start between June 6 - 13. Schooling is not free here.
We have four students we sponsor from our monthly income - 1 pastor pursuing a seminary degree, 2 college students and 1 high school student.

Emily is in college; Emilyn is starting her fourth year of high school.

James is a pastor with a vibrant ministry in Dumoy. He is pursuing
a seminary degree in theology and in counseling.
Our other student is starting college. We don't have a picture of her (yet)!

This past week we had two other families come to us asking for help in sending their children to school (one elementary and one college). It was heart-breaking to tell them at this time we were unable to help them. The needs here are great.


Kirsten's PE class was working on synchronized dancing and performed the dances on Friday! It was fun to watch them!


The dance squad!

James watching the dances!

Street Scenes May 2011

On the way home from watching the dancing at school James and Jerard enjoyed the stroller ride.

We saw a carabao near the trash bins.....

We saw jeepney drivers taking a break, playing cards and eating merienda under a tree.....

Little Red Riding Hood

Mikayla has been doing an independent study this year learning Cebuano, the 2nd largest language group here in the Philippines.
For part of her end-of-the-year project she had to rewrite a children's story and tell it in Cebuano.
Her teacher, Ate Bebe, got some neighborhood children to come and listen to the story. Kurt video recorded the story and took pictures. I provided chocolate chip cookies for the occasion. Mikayla did really well!!!!

Mikayla and Ate Bebe

Telling the story and answering questions! all in Cebuano!!!

Kurt loaded the kids up in our car and drove them back to their

Stand Tall, Jonah!!!!

Ben's class did two skits in this morning's chapel on Daniel
in the lion's den and on Jonah. The message was to stand tall
and strong in the Lord; to obey Him; and His mercy and love.

Ben throwing Jonah overboard!

Ben and his friend, Fernando.