Cultural Experiences

Sarah's first trike ride

Enjoying the market

Enjoying native cocoa and puta mayo


Shopping at Aledevinco - a great place for Filipinia items

Having coffee at a local coffee shop

Going to Malagoes Garden Resort. We had a great afternoon
there. I could've posted numerous photos!

Buying pomelo on the way home from Malagoes.

Ben showing Aunt Sarah a durian fruit.

We've been enjoying showing Sarah around Davao! It is such a blessing to have her here!!!

Paradise Beach with Aunt Sarah

We are having a wonderful visit with Sarah. The kids were thrilled with kraft macaroni and cheese, goldfish crackers, fruit snacks, real butterworth syrup and other neat-to-eat-goodies Aunt Sarah gave them this morning prior to leaving for the beach.

going to the Paradise Beach resort


trying fresh buko (coconut) juice

enjoying bbq chicken, beef teryaki, rice, vegetables...

watching a magic show

playing in the sand

fun in the water

Sarah is Here!

We got her bed ready!

Picked her up from the airport!

Meeting James for the first time!

Meeting Arlene. We enjoyed a great dinner cooked by Arlene.

Aunt Sarah with her nieces and nephews!


We are happy kaayo!!! Tomorrow we will take her to Paradise

Aunt Sarah Is Coming!

My sister Sarah is coming to visit us for two weeks. She
arrives on Thursday and we are really looking forward to her
This picture was from two years ago when we were in the
airport in Houston for a couple hours.


So...some of you have been wondering how many sisters I have! Well, I have 5 sisters. I'm #5 in the line up and Sarah is two years younger than I.

(Kurt, has no sisters! He has one brother!)

Here we are in our younger days with mom. Judy, Jenny, Meredy,
Debbie, me, Sarah, my mom.

In 2002 at my mom's funeral. Sarah, me, Debbie, Meredith,
Jenny, Judy.