Jerard at Work

Every Friday Jerard has physical therapy. He works hard and usually sleeps an hour or so after each session!

Practicing standing. He usually cries and fusses during this
exercise, but he is getting better about controlling his trunk
and maintaining some semblance of balance.

Playing with Friends

Elementary FootBall Season

Trike and Pig(s)

How many pigs can you fit in a trike along with 2 or 3 people?

The answer is.....3!

Kuya Eric

We recently hired a young man, Eric, to work 20 hours a week mostly with Jerard, doing his physical therapy and assisting in his care.

As Jerard grows, he becomes heavier and harder to hold especially when bathing, since he cannot help us by holding himself up.

Eric helping us on the day we moved in to our new rental

Eric is a wonderful care giver and really good with the boys. James sometimes cries when Eric goes home at the end of his shift!