Nerf Gun Matters

Ben really likes nerf guns and there is a store here that sells the real nerf guns! So after saving his allowance for months, he recently purchased this cool looking gun!!!!
Let the nerf wars begin!!!!

Playing in the Rain

James and Kirsten enjoyed playing on the veranda the other day in a down pour!

Wild Things

I'm reading a great book by Stephen James and David Thomas. It is about the art of nurturing boys.

My three sons add a depth of joy and frustration to my life that only causes me to bend deeply before His throne of grace for help to parent well! I have a friend in the states who says the same thing about her 4 sons - they are a cause of great joy, much prayer, frustration, fun.....

I thank God for Ben, James, and Jerard! They are all blessings!!!

Geeking Out in God's Kingdom

A message from Kurt.....

What I learned years ago while contemplating the call to missionary service is still true today - missions
desperately needs computer programmers. Computers and the
software that we write helps Bible translation get done faster.

I am currently involved in developing a suite of
web applications that allow missionaries throughout Asia to
collaborate in teams on special projects.
Missionaries are using our software for saving
documentation on best practices, storing meeting notes, doing project planning, uploading and downloading important
documents, collaboratively writing documentation on all sorts of topics in their field of interest, making decisions with other team members, and many other things.

I get geeked about software development. Ok, I realize that you just rolled your eyes and yawned ... my kids do the same thing. Just yesterday Ben asked me what I like about writing
computer programs. Apparently to him programming computers is only slightly more exciting than watching snails sleep.

"Moses called Bezalel and Oholiab and every craftsman in
whose mind the LORD had put skill, everyone whose heart stirred him up to come to do the work." -- Exodus 36:2

I consider myself a craftsman for the Lord.
In my craft I do not work with silver or gold
or cloth - I work with computer languages,
network security protocols, and the ever
growing list of needs of the missionaries we
serve. Just like the craftsmen whom God called through
Moses, I believe that the Lord has given
me both the skill for the work and the
heart to "come to do the work".

Beth and I would like to thank all of you who are supporting us, both financially and prayerfully. You are partners with
us in building for God's kingdom. Thank you for helping to bring God's Word to the thousands of communities of people
who still do not yet have it.

Being Authentic

"The inner child is capable of a spontaneous breakthrough of
emotions, but the Pharisee within represses them.
This is not a question of being an emotional person or a subdued one.

The issue is, Do I express or repress my authentic feelings?

To open yourself to another person, to stop lying about your
loneliness, to stop lying about your fears and hurts,
to be open about your affection,
and to tell others how much they mean to you - this is the
triumph of the child over the Pharisee and the dynamic presence
of the Holy Spirit at work.

Brennan Manning