Ministry Trip

Kurt and I just returned from a five day trip to the Manila and northern Luzon areas to visit some maternity clinics and share about the software Kurt has been writing for maternity centers to use - EMR (electronic medical records) specifically for lay-in clinics in third world countries.

We saw amazing beauty, met many wonderful people. I'm thankful we had this opportunity. I'll let Kurt share more from his end. But I wanted to share a few photos of our trip.

sharing with midwives at one of the birthing centers about EMR software

Kurt sharing with midwives about the software

the brains of the operation

In Tabuk, a village in northern Luzon, a festival was being held and we saw some native tribal dances

three little girls fascinated with our whiteness!

Kurt sharing about the software at another maternity center in Tabuk, northern Luzon, Philippines

rice fields

The trip was enriching and refreshing. Sometimes, when working on a project, it's good to get a renewed sense of purpose. All three clinics want the software. Kurt may be making a trip back to help install needed hardware in at least one of the clinics as well as train them in using the software. There are plans to share with other clinics being made as well.