Friends of ours were married this weekend.

Filipino weddings tend to involve many people

Kurt was asked to be a principle sponsor. As such, he signed the marriage license as an official witness.

Kurt and Pastor James - two of the principle sponsors

Kurt and best man (known as a secondary sponsor), Joebert

Beyond the usual bridal party, the Filipino wedding involves people who are also significant in the couple's life: the Principal Sponsors and the Secondary Sponsors.
Principal Sponsors are also known as Ninang and Ninong. These are people whom the bride and groom respect & admire. .... In the Philippines, they are the official witnesses of the state and they sign the marriage license. Worldwide, their participation is symbolic of the wisdom & support they shall offer the new couple.....
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Lechon is a traditionally served food for parties, weddings,
and celebrations of many types.

The guy sponsors

Filipino Weddings reflect the strong traditions of family (& extended family) and symbolism. Thus, Filipino wedding ceremonies typically involve many people, and the wedding rituals typically "speak" to the couple personally.
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