Visiting with Mikayla

October 17 - 22 my father-in-law and I traveled to visit Mikayla at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia during her fall break.
My brother-in-law, sister-in-law, neice and nephew joined us too.
We had a great time touring the campus, hiking, visiting a Civil war battle field, spending time around the river front in Chattanooga, going to Rock Creek Fellowship - the church that Mikayla and some of her friends go to, touring Rock City and having fun talking and laughing.

Grandpa, Mikayla and Coley, Mikayla's roommate.

With Mikayla and some of her dorm friends.

Grandpa, Coley, and Mikayla at 'The Blink' - a coffee shop
on campus.

We went to chapel service Friday morning with Mikayla.

Point Park on Lookout Mountain

Uncle Kent, Aunt Anne, Hannah and Michael with Mikayla.

At the river front in Chattanooga

With Mikayla and her friends and family at church.

Mikayla and her Grandpa doing a ballroom dance.

Visiting Rock City.

Family in a fall season scene.

Covenant College sign with family.