To James In The Waiting

A good friend of mine wrote a letter to James the day his brother Jerard died. I wanted to share it with you all.

For James in the Waiting

Your brother, the one who shared your blood
and your facial features,
left his body behind today.
(Did you see his vacant eyes?)

James, did you know that he left our world,
where you used to touch him, make him laugh,
and is now in with God,
where God can touch him, make him laugh.

James, he can walk.
He has a new body.
Jerard can run.
He is ready to play with you.

But for now, in the waiting,
I'm asking our Good Lord Jesus
to give you peace and patience.
To hold your hand, your heart, your strong young body,
in His hands while you cry, or question, or are distracted.

Because when the waiting is done,
you'll see your twin brother.
And, James,
he'll finally see you.

Love you James,
Aunt Rachel

Since James was little he's always been protective and
caring of Jerard.