Surgery Scheduled

Jerard had a CT scan done this morning.

The good news:
His ventricals are re-opening. The fluid pockets with the drains are smaller.

The bad news:
Other smaller fluid pockets have developed.
But the most disconcerting finding is that the arachnoid cyst continues to grow larger. This cyst can cause the other problems (i.e. fluid pockets, down-turned eyes, etc...)

Jerard will have surgery on Tuesday to drain the cyst.
It will be done through an endoscope and will involve putting a shunt drain in from the cyst to the ventrical so that the CFS fluid building up inside the cyst can continually drain.

Jerard, overall, is in a healthy state. He has a slight fever but is on antibiotics and antifungal medications for the UTI he has.

Pray for Jerard to tolerate and come through the surgery well.

Pray for our finances as Philippine hospitals are cash-based.

Pray for our neurosurgeon and his colleagues assisting with the surgery. He and they are very caring, highly skilled men and we have complete confidence in their skills.

Pray for our family.