Summer break has started for our kids.

We are thankful for the teachers our kids have had. Mikayla, Kirsten, and Ben had great teachers and did very well in their studies.

Ben with his teacher at the year-end beach party.

Summer brings many goodbyes, partings, and reunions.

Kirsten's two good friends from school are coming over today for an early birthday party for her. They both leave later this week to go to Korea for the summer so we decided to have an early friend birthday party.

Ben spent last night at his friend's house. Isaac and Elliott and family are moving to Nepal Wednesday. They will be greatly missed.

One of my good friends left a couple weeks ago. Two other good friends leave this week, one for a year furlough, one to another country.

That's the nature of the transient missions community. Enjoy your friends while they are here, know that somewhere down the road our paths may cross again, be thankful for email and skype; and know for all eternity we will share life together with Christ.