Summer's Adjustments

School starts August 1 for our kids.
Our summer has been a time of readjusting as a family to a 'new normal' after 4 years of caring for our special needs son, Jerard.

Ben and James now share a room.

We tore down the extra bedroom we'd had built for Jerard and James to sleep in.

with the extra bedroom gone, we now have a larger common
area for desks and computers.

We've taken trips to the beach to relax, play games and enjoy times in God's nature. The ocean is very healing.

Our kids have said "see you later" to friends leaving for furlough and college...

James has been extra attached to Tigger and in need of more cuddles as he processes his grief over his brother....

Here are some photos from the past few days of relaxing before school starts!

Thanks for continuing to pray for us!