Summer Break Ramblings.......

Our kids are enjoying summer break (although, here, summer break feels, weather-wise, like fall break, winter break, and spring break...).

Although, you can pray for Mikayla....she's been dealing with on-going sinus infections and sore throats. So have I. It seems to be a 'common' problem here in the Philippines.

School starts up again for our kids on August 12.
Mikayla will be in 8th grade, Kirsten in 5th grade at Faith Academy.

Ben will be in 1st grade at home. We ordered his curriculum from the US and thankfully it arrived already!
His teacher (me!!!) has written out lesson plans for the first half of the school year. We will follow the Faith Academy school calendar. He is very excited to be home schooled this year.

They all have enjoyed playing games on the computer, spending time with friends, having sleep-overs, going to the beach, going on boat trips, going to Isla Reta, learning gamay-lang Cebuano (a little bit), etc.....

Ben is looking forward to his birthday coming up on August 3. He likes to go to Crocodile Park so we will visit there on his birthday!

If you come visit us, we will take you to the places we enjoy....and you'll get to see how pretty the Philippines are for yourself. The photos don't do justice to the real beauty.

Kurt and I continue to enjoy our work and feel very blessed to be called into missions. It is quite an adventure!

Well, those are my ramblings for the moment. I'll write again soon! Now it's time to go make supper!!!!!...

Photo by Kirsten

A scene from last year's visit to Crocodile Park