Spirit Week

This week, school is having "Spirit Week". Each day the kids dress up according to the theme of the day. They also use this week to collect toys, personal hygiene items (soap, toothpaste, etc.), clothes and money for local charities to use.

Enjoy the pics!

Team Color Team - the High school had themes - Mikayla
is on the 'emo-gothic' team

Kirsten - Blue team!

Mikayla - 'Emo-Gothic' Team

Ben - Yellow Team!

"Crossing The River" Team Game. Kirsten carrying a team-
mate across the 'river'.

Ben being carried across the 'river'.

I took James down to enjoy some of the lunch time
activities. Seo Yeon, Joy, and Kirsten have been friends
since 3rd grade!

Fairy Tale Day at the High School. Mikayla is Cinderella
before she meets the prince!

Pajama Day