Soccer, Band, Game Night, Movie

Mikayla and Kirsten had a busy day today.

After school they played a soccer game.

Mikayla (#15) and Kirsten (#11) playing. Their uniform
numbers match their ages!


Kirsten in action.



The soccer game ended with Faith losing 4 - 1. We hurried home for Mikayla and Kirsten to shower up, eat a quick dinner......and
then there was a band concert.
Kirsten played percussion to help out the 5th grade beginner band.

Kirsten playing snare drum.

Mikayla played clarinet in the High School Praise Ensemble.

The Ensemble Mikayla played in.

Mikayla and her friend Jeen. These two have played clarinet
together since 6th grade!

The concert was really good.
We thank God for the opportunities our children are receiving at Faith Academy.

We thank God for the band director. He is enthusiastic, talented, and a great band director for the kids!

Band Director, Nate Becker!

After the concert Kirsten attended the Middle School Game night and Mikayla went to a movie with some of her friends!

Some days are like that....busier than normal....but fun!