Return to Davao

It is an unuwally pleasant, low-humidity morning here in Davao. The sun is shining. The streets are full of the noise of motorcyles, jeeps, a jet is passing overhead, birds are calling in the yard. There is a pleasantness about being back in our house here.

Jerard is vocalizing a lot and in such fun. He is a happy boy.

James is calling Kurt 'Daddy' and interupting Kurt's reading time.

Ben still has a fever but feels better than yesterday. They did some blood work on him yesterday at the out-patient clinic but we won't know results for a few days.

Mikayla has a slight fever and no voice. She seems to have some sinus issue going on.

Kirsten is enjoying playing with James and being back home.

All of us feel better after sleeping well (8 - 10 hours) uninterrupted last night.

Today we will have our own family church time since we don't want to take the kids out with fevers to church this morning. Then we will work on unpacking suitcases.

I'll post pictures from our return soon.