Prayer Request Update

Well, life here in the Philippines never ceases to be interesting.

I called the doctor's office yesterday to verify office hours and told the receptionist which doctor I was coming to see. She told me the hours and said nothing else. So, Kurt drops me off at the office. I walk in and tell the receptionist I am here to see the Doctor. "Oh, Dr. B. is out of town until Thursday, Maam."

That seems to be the filipino way.
Ask a clerk at the store if they carry a certain item and if they carry it the clerk will say yes but not offer to show it to you. You need to specifically ask "may I see it."
I should've specifically asked "Is Dr. B in today?"

My gut feels a tad bit better today but still is painful. I hope to see Dr. B on Friday....but I'll specifically ask if he is in the office before I go!!!!!