Post-Op Update on Jerald

Jerald continues to improve but his hemoglobin is low (94) so they are going to give him some of the blood from the donor to help get it up. That should be happening a little latter tonight. Also, they have trouble keeping IVs in him; just tonight they are going to get another one in after the last one lost the vein.

Other than those two issues, Jerald is getting better. He started drinking milk again today which he really enjoyed. His head has decreased in size by one inch as measured in circumference. The surgeon does not want it to shrink too fast. This means only allowing his head to be raised a little off of horizontal because he higher his head is, the faster the shunt drains the fluid in is brain into his stomach. We also think that he is sleeping more now that he has some milk in his tummy.

Thanks for your continued prayers for Jerald. It looks like he will be in the hospital at least until Saturday per the doctor. Pray also for our whole family at this time since life is so different with Beth practically living at the hospital and the kids being in a totally different routine. They understand though and are quite supportive.