Package Arrival

We always enjoy getting a box from the states.
One recently came with Christmas gifts in it!

Kurt gets a good workout carrying it up the stairs to our house!

'The guys' cutting through the tape to get to the contents!

A cute Christmas decoration we put on display on top of a book
shelf in the sala (living room).

Reading cartoons from the State's Sunday Paper is a big hit!

James and Jerard enjoying new toys!

Most of the contents were wrapped to be opened on Christmas
Day, but there were some things to be enjoyed immediately!
Kurt and I enjoyed some Starbucks after the hub-bub of
excitement over the package arriving calmed down!

Christmas Day Joyous by John Victor
Joy we behold on earth and in Heaven
Wonderful Yuletide, blessings from Him,
Joy everlasting gladden all hearts now
Bring to the world peace, goodwill to men--
Bring to the world peace, goodwill to men.