Our Weekend Getaway

We spent this past weekend at Isla Reta beach,

boat that took us over

Ben got a close up look at army tanks near the dock

staying in a cabin,

enjoying the quiet, the water, the feeling of being at a state park camp ground in Michigan,

walking in the local town

local town near Isla Reta

a local man making charcoal from coconut shells

The local gas station

looking at the town from the hilltop

having time to spend together as a family without the interuptions of work, phone, computer, etc.

enjoying a great fish dinner the cook at Isla Reta prepared for us

playing with each other, new friends, reading....

Ben playing volleyball with new friends

Kurt and Kirsten intent on something

Mikayla reading on the beach

Teaching new friends in the cabin next to ours how to play
Phase 10

It was a relaxing, refreshing time for us.