Our Sons

James and Jerard 'playing!'

This morning James was standing on the walker while Jerard was sitting in it!

James standing on the walker.

James has become very mobile and now pulls himself up to standing, can crawl up stairs, 'talks' alot! He is a fun kid.

Jerard continues to stay healthy and is gaining in strength daily. He is verbalizing more. Sometimes he sounds like his brother! If I'm not looking at who is making sounds I'll think it's James and it's actually Jerard. It's a blessing to see all his improvements.

Ben wants to serve in the armed forces when he gets older!

Ben is a great 'kuya'! (Older brother).
He wants to be like his cousin and serve in the armed forces when he gets older. He loves to play with his toy weapons!

For the blessing of sons, I thank you, Father.

Psalm 127:3 Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.