Our kids as of this week

Well, a little over 5 weeks from now Mikayla, Kirsten, Ben, Kurt, and I travel to the USA for 8 weeks. Our schedule while in the states has gotten rather full between visiting supporters, churches, family, and friends. Pray for us to have safe travels.
Pray for James and Jerard to remain healthy and well while we are gone. We will miss those two a lot. But since they are still officially foster kids we can't take them out of the country.

Mikayla is finishing up her 8th grade year. In two weeks is the annual middle school banquet; a dress-up affair for the 6th - 8th graders. She has purchased a nice dress for that event. She is looking forward to High School and already talking about colleges to attend.

Kirsten continues to do well in school. Her art skills are blossoming. She's hoping for an art lesson or two from her artistic aunt while we are in the US if it works out for her to come see us in Michigan. It is a pleasure to see her growing into a fine young lady.

Ben is doing well in his studies. He has struggled with reading this year but is progressing in that area. He is such a big help with James and Jerard. He is also enjoying playing t-ball and working on a tree fort with me.

James is all energy. He loves to climb, eat bananas and oranges, get into things (more than once we've opened the bedroom door to discover he found a hidden bottle of baby powder and decided it needed to be dumped on the floor instead of used for its intended purposes - diapers and heat rash helpers!)
Needless to say, there is no baby powder in the boys' room now. He is in a twin-size bed now as he climbs out of the crib. But at night he enjoys climbing into Jerard's crib and sleeping with his brother!

Jerard is progressing slow but sure. He has started to get his knees under him and raise his upper body on his elbows. Prayerfully, soon, he will really crawl. But he does mobile himself around the sala floor very well on his belly and enjoys exploring with his hands while in the walker.

We thank God for each of our children. Truly children are an inheritance from the Lord. (Ps. 127)