One Year Anniversary

November 22 marks our one year anniversary here.

A range of emotions mark that celebration/milestone.

Our life in Michigan seems a distant dream.

Recently, I shared with our sending church in Michigan these thoughts. I share them with you now.

"This past year as new missionaries on the field has been a year of blessing and trial.
And despite all the stresses we have faced I would gladly do it again.
I feel so blessed to be called into missionary service full time.

Life here is interesting. There seems to be much more religious tolerance than in the US.
The malls start the day with public Christian and Catholic prayers over the PA prior to opening the doors.
Many times praise and worship songs are played on the mall PA's. But the flip side is I've heard the raunchiest songs ever from mall PA's too.

The 23rd Psalm is so real to me now. The Lord is my shepherd. He leads and guides where He wants us to go. My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness.

It is so neat to worship at our church here. The verse in Revelation about some day all the nations, tongues and tribes will be worshipping around His throne is so real to me. At our church we have Filipinos, Koreans, Chinese, American, Australian, German and others all worshipping together.

I miss my home church family very much (and many other friends and relatives - yet despite the homesickness I sometimes experience I am glad to be here.) I extend my deepest thanks to you all for supporting us as missionaries. It is an awesome, humbling privilege to be over here.

Thank you all so much."

Life here moves at a slower pace.

I feel like our family has grown closer together. We talk more about the deeper issues of life.

I've seen our children grow and mature in their personal lives and walk with Christ.

I thank God for the friends and family we have supporting us and for all the new friends we are making here in the Philippines.

Words fail me in trying to explain the sense of purpose and gratitude I have in being called into full-time missionary service.

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