Names and Faces

When I lived in the US and would see world events unfold on the television it didn't always mean much to me. But now that I live overseas and know people from various places all over the world, and know that our mission group has colleagues all over the world, these world events hit home deeply.
Some of the kids at Faith Academy have spent time growing up in Japan. This recent earthquake and tsunami has hit very closely the hearts of many here.
Please continue to pray for Japan and its recovery.
From a Japanese colleague who sent out an email today.............
"We are still experiencing large scale of aftershock in every one
or two hours and repeated Tsunami on the coastal line. It is not ended! Waiting for rescue, recovery, and rebuild in all factors of
our victims!!
I was at home in Chiba near Narita International Airport the time earthquake hit. First hit was incredibly shaking for over 5 minutes. But I am grateful for the protection and glad to have life line in my area.