More December Activities

Well, we had to shave James' hair off!

We called him our little monk for the first day or two of his new hair(less) cut!

"Why did we shave him?" you ask?????

Well, Ben decided he'd try to cut James' hair while I was gone shopping..
There were long and short and very short spots on James', I shaved all his hair off to match the shortest areas!

We had a good laugh about that. Mikayla had cut Kirsten's hair when she was younger. Kirsten had cut Ben's hair when they were now, Ben has cut his younger brother's hair!


The Middle School Band of Faith Academy Davao went to several poor areas here near the school and 'caroled' the communities with their band instruments. They also passed out candy to the kids. Kurt went as a chaperon. The music was well received and the kids had a great time playing for them.


Mikayla has taken Scottish Dance as her elective this past quarter. Her class danced the dances they'd learned for parents and other students the last day of the quarter. They did a great job!!!


I was in charge of organizing the annual Christmas Party for our mission group. Our group has grown so we were thankful to be able to use the new auditorium at Faith Academy for the party. We had over 130 people. A couple colleagues planned games for the kids..............

We sang Christmas Carols and some of the Middle School band kids accompanied the piano.................

We had a lot of fun.

A group of us also sang "This Little Babe" by Robert Southwell.
It is an awesome song with profound words. See the previous blog for the words to that song!


Thanks for all your prayers and support. We appreciate it more than words can say.

In Christ, and for His Glory,

Beth, for the Symanzik family