Mikayla is Home and Family News.

Mikayla arrived back in Davao May 14th. She'll be taking a one semester leave of absence from Covenant and will stay with us til we fly back to Michigan on December 22 of this year - God willing.

All of James's adoption paperwork is done. Now we are collecting his new birth certificate, Philippine passport and US immigration visa. Prayerfully that should all be accomplished by November. Please be in prayer about this as well.

Mikayla's friend, Joseph Chalmers, arrived from the UK on May 15th and has been staying at our home with us. Mikayla and Joseph were classmates all through middle school (grades 6 - 8) here at Faith Academy. Joseph's family then returned to the UK for Joseph to complete high school in the UK system.

Mikayla and Joseph have been enjoying visiting with other friends from their middle school and high school years and we've been enjoying many family activities.