Meningitis's been quite a day.

Jerard had the best night he ever has had last night. He's also just had the best day he ever has had since we got him.

He's sleeping better, his tummy is soft, his head is decreasing in size, he is not fussy all the time.

The antibiotics are working.

But we found out today that one of the infections is meningitis. Which means he will be in the hospital 2 - 3 weeks on strong IV antibiotics.

Another complication of this infection is that since the shunt is in, there is a strong chance the infection could be attaching itself to the tubing, thus rendering it necessary, after the infection is cleared up, that our neurosurgeon will need to replace the shunt tubing.

On top of this, Jerard has a fungal infection and is on anti-fungal medication too. His fungal infection, though, should be cleared up in the next 7 days or so.

Pray for Jerard's continued good response to the medications he's taking.

Pray for wisdom as we, along with the doctors, decide what the best course of treatment is due to the added variable of the shunt and tubing.

Pray for financial resources to help cover the cost of Jerard's hospitalization.