Jerard June 7, 2010


I'm not sure what to tell you all.

He is no better. He seems a bit worse.

He has developed a hospital-induced staph infection which means he is now on two strong antibiotics.

He had 4 seizures early this a.m.

He had a CT scan today.

The shunts seems to be working but because of repeated episodes of fever spikes and seizures, the doctor is drawing off some ventrical fluid through one of his shunts to test the fluid for possible infection.

He has some blood in his stools which they think is from not eating and stress from the seizures. Hopefully today they will start him on Isomil. Yesterday, he had a nasogastric (ng) tube put in but because there was bloody discharge from his stomach they could not start feeding him. Today the fluids are much, much clearer. So pray they will start feeding him.

Keep him in your prayers.