Jerald's Surgergy - part 1

Jerald has been cleared for surgery and it is scheduled for Wednesday at 1 p.m.!

Please pray for the surgery to go well, pray for the surgeon and anesthesiologist. Pray for Jerald!


We are so pleased his surgery will be so soon! His head has grown 1 inch in circumference in 11 days. It is now 19 inches around. It is also noticeably heavier. It has been much harder to bathe him and manage his head while feeding, etc.

Pray also we can find a unit of AB+ blood to have on hand. While on one hand the medical care here is great, on the other hand it is frustrating. The patient and their family are in charge of picking up the medicines needed and finding blood units for surgery as needed.
The hospital has some stock on hand but not much. So as I blog this, Kurt is out asking the one AB+ person we know if they'd be willing to go to the Red Cross to donate a pint of blood for Jerald!!!!