It's Been A While....

It's been a while since I blogged!

Mikayla recently was gone for a week for the High School
Outreach Service project in a town called Tagum. They helped
with VBS, building a building, and planting a community garden.
Overall she enjoyed the week.

Kirsten went to a party a while ago where she had to dress as a
gangster! She had fun there. It was a murder mystery party.
More recently, she and I have been painting her room bright
yellow with purple accents!

Ben recently participated in after school baseball. He also is
taking karate lessons three times a week. He really enjoys that!

James and Jerard are doing well. James is very active and talks
a lot. Jerard is rolling and crawling better.

Our outside cat recently had three kittens - Mango, Sirius, and

Flowers are gorgeous here any time of the year. It is summer
here and hotter than usual. Philippine schools are off for
summer break. Their school year starts in June.

Keep us in your prayers! Thanks!