Intro to Scuba Diving Dive

Kurt and Kirsten went on an "intro dive" to scuba diving today.
Ben and I came to watch.

Dive Shop Sign

Loading up gear to go over to a beach on Samal Island.

Having a pre-dive lesson with Frank, a PADI DiveMaster and
Scuba Dive Instructor (and new friend), while drinking coffee/pop at a great little coffee shop on the beach of Samal Island.

Kirsten getting her gear on. Dominique, a PADI Dive
Instructor-In-Training, was helping her and showing her
how the various apparatuses work.

After suiting up, Kirsten and Frank head into the water.

Practicing using the regulator under water.

Going under the water.

Meanwhile, Ben and I snorkeled in the water. Kurt did too.

Ben and Kurt snorkeling while Kirsten was on her dive.

After about 45 minutes, Kirsten, Frank, and Dominique came
back! Kirsten enjoyed her first dive.

Instructor Frank and Kirsten

Kurt's turn to suit up for his first dive.

Heading out into the water.

Learning about the regulator and hand signals.

Practicing with the regulator before going down.

While Kurt was diving, Ben played in a boat, in the rain!

So did Kirsten! It started raining shortly after Kurt and Frank
went on their dive. But, hey, it's the Philippines, and it's
warm rain, so just keep playing!!!!

Dominque, Frank, Kurt and Ben at the end of Kurt's dive.

Instructor Frank (and our new friend.)

Kirsten and Kurt enjoyed their dives, though Kurt says he won't do it again. Kirsten is considering doing it again.
Mikayla and I think we will try an intro dive soon. Ben is considering the possibility, too.

Come visit us! You can go on an intro dive, too, if you desire!

(Mikayla wasn't with us today at the beach because she wasn't feeling well.)