Hospital Food

In that Beth and I have had the opportunity lately to dine on many hospital meals, I thought that I would share a little bit about our experiences, if only for the cultural value.

As "watchers" (bantay) of Jerard, we get three meals a day brought to the room (Jerard, of course, drinks milk that we bring him). The food is actually very good though with a distinctive Asian twist. Here is what we found so far.

  • Usually we have more than we can eat. Many times Beth and I have eaten the one meal and both of us have been filled. Of course, if I am the only one eating it, I somehow still seem to finish it myself.
  • There is always a cup of rice included in the meal whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • There is almost always seafood of some sort and many times there is a lot of seafood. I have never seen tuna prepared so many ways (all good). Also, I had the tastiest squid (calamari) the other day that I have ever had (the secret was in the sauce). Shrimp is common as well as just plain fish, sometimes with the head, fins, and tail still on. You have to pick through the bones at times. I really don't mind the fish watching me as I eat it :)

By the way, if it looks like there is no seafood in the meal pictured above, look again. Those aren't onion rings -- they are squid rings.