Helping The Philippines

Many have asked me about how to help the Philippines. Here is some information:

Many people have asked me about how they can help the victims of Yolanda; which organizations are reputable organizations that are serving in the Philippines.

This list reflects organizations that I trust and that our mission organizations are recommending be used for sending donations to help the typhoon victims.

These experienced organizations are aware of the local needs and are already involved in providing emergency assistance for children and families.

Operation Blessings International -

World Vision -

Compassion -

The Navigators (Philippines) do not have a web link for donations for typhoon relief, but they have workers who are ready to give assistance to victims on the ground. You can make donation through their bank account:

Banco De Oro (New York, Cubao Branch) Peso account: 00401-0000263 or Banco De Oro (New York, Cubao Branch) Dollar Account: 10401-0044066/Dollar Swift Code: BNORPHMM