Happenings Around Here

We arrived in Michigan May 24, late evening.
Some of our friends from our sending church were there to greet us! What a welcome surprise!
Since then we have been busy visiting with relatives and friends, shopping, enjoying cool weather, spoke at our sending church, etc.

Kirsten got her ears pierced today.
Both girls were treated to new clothes by one of their aunts.
Ben is spending an overnight at a friend's house.
We've all had our teeth cleaned. The lack of fluoride in water in the Philippines seems to be causing problems with my family's teeth!!! So we will be shipping back flouride rinse for all of us to use.

Our coming week has scheduled a family reunion, time with friends, sharing at a supporting church, etc.

The plane we flew on.

Layover in Moscow, Russia

My sister, Sarah, met us in Houston during our layover there.

Cousins together

Flying a model rocket

Fishing in Grandpa's pond.

Kirsten with her cousin, Hannah, at their hydroponic strawberry

Mikayla helping Grandpa freeze rhubarb!