Furloughing (sortof) Soon!

I just wanted to let you all know that our plan is to furlough for a year starting June 2013.

"Furloughing for a missionary is not one long vacation. It is a time of renewal spiritually and physically; it's a time of traveling; it's a time to report to prayer and financial supporters what God has done through our ministry;
it'a a time of increasing one's own ministry skills through education and special training; it's a transitioning time for
the missionary family as they send off a child to college;
it's a time of raising needed financial support"
(see attached document for more info)

Mikayla will be heading to college for Fall 2013.
It will be good to spend a year in the states while she adjusts to life in the USA, college. It will be good for us to reconnect with family and friends.

I (Beth) am planning to take a one year masters program in counseling. I'll be able to do the course work on line and just have one week to spend on campus. I'm also hoping to attend the Missionary Member Care Conference held yearly.

Pray for us as we prepare for furlough. We will sell off some of our items here and store others for our return.
We need financial provision for six plane tickets.
Mikayla is deciding which college to attend (either Regent, Taylor or Covenant). We are also looking into scholarships and financial aid.

We are thankful that Kurt's Dad is letting us stay in his house for the year. We have also been provided a van to use for the year while we are in the USA.

James is incredibly excited to come to the USA to ride an airplane, see snow, meet his aunts and uncles and grandpa in person instead of just through skype.

We are all looking forward to time to reconnect, renew, regroup, refresh.

Thank you for all your prayers for us.