Family Fun Day at Church

Some friends of Kirsten's during Family Fun Day at church.

The church that we are attending here in the Philippines, Christ Fellowship Church, had a wonderful family fun day today on the day of Philippine Independence. The day was all about sports and games. All families of the church were assigned to one of four teams, red, blue, yellow, or green. Tee shirts were printed for each of the teams -- we were on the red team.

The day opened at 6:30 AM with opening ceremonies consisting of a prayer, short message from the pastor, the Philippine national anthem, and the lighting of the torch ceremony. Competition proceeded right away with a banner raising race immediately followed by the cheer-leading competition.

Speaking of cheer-leading, we were astounded with the energy and aptitude that each team had in putting together their own dance/cheer-leading routines. You can download a movie of our team's performance here (42 MB, 7 minutes). If you look closely, you will see Mikayla -- she is the girl with the blonde hair and the white skin . Note this: that this whole routine was put together from scratch yesterday in about 4 hours by the group. There is a completely different attitude toward public performance here as compared to the US -- nearly everyone loves to get involved and perform.

Basketball tournament

Beth playing Boogle at a game table.

Badminton tournament.

Mikayla helping in a Scrabble game.

Chess for the thinkers ...

Dart competition

A partial team picture (Mikayla is on the right).