Compassion Kids

The church we attend here in Davao has 161 children in their Compassion program.
Kurt and I visited the program yesterday morning to get a better understanding about what all the Compassion program does and what our church provides for our kids we sponsor. We came away awed by all that goes on, the powerful ministry, and thankful for this outreach.

Praise and worship time for the parents while the children are in Bible
class and educational instruction. The parents are also taught
weekly, parenting skills and information on keeping kids healthy.

Kids not only learn about Jesus, they learn reading and writing
skills as well.

Preparing food for 161 children + their Moms!

The church is also launching 5 livelihood projects in the areas where these children and families live so that the moms can learn skills for making some income - they are launching rug making, herbal farming, pressed flower card making, massage therapy training and tailoring/sewing.