Christmas Carol Party Game

Being somewhat of a creative English language usage nut I have been looking up games for some Christmas gatherings we are going to have here with friends. I found this really fun "name that tune" game....try it out.

Translate the Christmas Carols


Example: Soundless Nocturnal Timespan (answer: Silent Night)

1. Move Hitherward the Entire Assembly of Those Who are Loyal In Their Belief.

2. Ornament the Enclosure with Large Sprigs of a Berry-Bearing Evergreen.

3. Vertically-Challenged Adolescent Percussionist.

4.First Person (Singular) Experiencing an Hallucinatory Phenomenon of a Natal Celebration Devoid of Color.

5. Majestic Triplet (First Person Plural).

6 The Yuletide Occurence Preceding All Others.

7.Precious Metal Musical Devices.

8.Omnipotent Supreme Being Elicits Respite to Ecstatic Distinguished Males.

9.Caribou Afflicted with Vermillion Olfactory Appendage.

10.Allow Crystalline Formation to Descend.

11.Jovial Yuletide Desired for the Second Person (Singular or Plural).

12.Commence Auditory Reception, the Celestial Messengers Produce Harmonious Sounds.

Check out more at the above listed website! Blessings on your holiday plans!