Championship Weekend for Ben

This weekend there was a karate expo at Abreeza mall. The Bushido Kai King's Sword Warrior club that Ben is in performed and had competitions. It was a well run, fun event.

The group of karate participants.

Friends warming up together: Justin, Ben, Martin, Mia

There was competition in team kada, long-stick, self-defense, and individual kada and long stick.

Ben received high scores for his individual long-stick

as well as high scores for the team competitions he and Mia performed. It was a fun event to watch.

Mia and Ben performing synchronized kada

Mia and Ben doing a synchronized long-stick kada

Break time playing with tops and good friend, Martin.

Walking with Justin back to mat for team kada

Ben and Mia with Sensa Nell and two championship medals each
for well-done performances in team competition.