Tonight we attended a most fun event - Irish Dancing. It was held at the covered court at Faith International Academy.

a friend of ours took these great pics of us dancing

It is called a ceilidh, which "in modern usage, a cèilidh or ceilidh /ˈkeɪli/ is a traditional Gaelic social gathering, which usually involves playing Gaelic folk music and dancing. It originated from Ireland and Scotland, but is now common throughout the Scottish and Irish diasporas. In Scottish Gaelic it is spelled cèilidh (Scottish Gaelic pronunciation: [ˈkʲʰeːli]), and in Irish it is spelled céilí (Irish pronunciation: [ˈkeːlʲiː]). The term ceilidh can also refer to social dances in England."

Think of it like a square dance but with Irish music and dances.

The musicians and some of the dancers who helped lead have been practicing for 12 weeks. Two missionary friends, Lydia from Northern Ireland, and Kate, from the USA spearheaded the whole event.

At least 100 people attended. It was great fun!