Brown Outs and other musings.....

We've had almost daily brown outs this week. This is a bit unusual. It does happen occasionally but usually not daily.
When the power goes out so does the water!

It's always good to keep some buckets of water filled in the CR
and kitchen for times when the water isn't running!
Our internet has been a bit flaky lately too which is why there was a 6 day gap in updates. But this evening it is up and I can post this! Yea!
We all are doing well.
Mikayla is in Manila with her soccer team. Next year Kurt and I hope to be able to travel up there (or at least one of us) and watch the team play!

Kirsten is rehearsing for a play she is in "Tom Sawyer".

Ben is working on first grade learning and is a big help playing with James who is one big bundle of 17-month old energy.

Jerard continues to make improvements slowly but surely.

Kurt's work is going well, he is keeping up on his language learning, and helping some Filipino friends learn Java.

I am staying busy with homeschooling, Momhood in general, and hospitality things at SIL (though I have delegated many of those responsibilities so I can better focus on being Mom to my kids!)
I am also heading up the elementary after-school sports baseball and t-ball which starts Monday and runs for five weeks, M and W.

Thanks for all your prayers! We appreciate them and you more than words can say!!!!