Birthday Party

The birthday party was a great success! We asked our Filipino friends to help us plan a Filipino-style 1st birthday party. They did and it was a lot of fun!!!!!

James and Jerard, the Birthday Party Boys

PARTY PREPARATIONS - (These are just a few of the many pics I could've put in.)

Ate Bebe, Ate Arlene, and Maricel putting together prize bags and 'take away' bags for the party.

Ben and JR putting up balloons


Lechon Baboy (roasted pig) is a major food item at a birthday party; along with pancit and spaghetti. This is the pig arriving cooked for our party

Preparing the food spread

Kurt with his bolo knife ready to hack up the pig!

James sitting next to the birthday pig

Jerard with Lola Ruth, our good friend, next to the birthday pig

Our friend, James, cutting up the pig

The pig at the end of the party!


Kirsten in the bubble gum game

I forget the Cebuano word for this game, but it's along the same lines as a pinata. Kids jump up to grab toys that are hanging on a bamboo grid. It's a lot of fun to watch!


Lola Arlene feeding the boys

James enjoying chocolate cake

FRIENDS.....we have been blessed with friends....Friends who have been faithful prayer warriors during the time Jerard was in and out of the hospital, blessings to our lives here...words fail me as I thank God for all the friends he has blessed us with are some pictures of some of our friends....

Eya was one of the watchers for Jerard during his hospital stays. She flew down from her home near Manila to attend the boys first birthday party.

Ana, a friend from church, a prayer warrior with a special prayer burden and love for Jerard. She has faithfully prayed for him through all his hospitalizations.

Necy, one of the private duty nurses we had for Jerard during his hospitalizations.

Mikayla and Lindsay

Our neighbor, Eddie, and his daughters

Joebert, Gigi, ShariAnn Joy, Rachel

Beth Mari enjoying the festivities!!!

Dennis and Mary

Know that there are many, many more photos I could've put in here!

"......For the joy of human love,
Brother, sister, parent, child,
Friends on earth and friends above,
For all gentle thoughts and mild...

Lord of all to Thee we raise,
This our hymn of grateful praise...."

James, the day after the party, enjoying one of the new toys he and Jerard received.