Better Are The Honest...

We started this missionary journey in 2006 with the plan of doing the traditional four years on field, one year off for each term. But we are coming up to our 8th year on field with no furlough yet.
We took in orphan boys. We don't regret that. James and Jerard have been such blessings to us, and though Jerard is now in Heaven with Jesus, not a day goes by I don't think of him.
And as much as we enjoy being on the mission field, to be honest, after almost eight years on the field, we are tired. Kurt and I are probably in psychological terms burned out. We keep on getting up, doing our work, enjoying our kids but that spark of zeal has died to a low ember.
James' adoption took much longer than we'd thought it would. And now we are working on getting his passport, visa and immigration. Another process taking longer than we'd been told. We are praying all this is done before June of 2015 so we can return as a family to the USA.
So, please keep us in prayer.