Bear 2007-2015

Funny the changes a day can bring.

Since we moved to our new rental a month ago we started noticing our dog, Bear, becoming lethargic.
We thought maybe he was eating a plant that might be poisonious so we moved them out of his reach.

But the last couple days there was rapid weight loss, labored breathing....

the vet came....

old dog, tumors under the skin, kidney and liver failure starting...

we had him put down.

He was a good dog.

James made a cross for his grave. Ben, Kirsten and Kurt dug the hole. I provided hugs, a cloth for Bear's burial. Mikayla witnessed some of the process via skype from the UK.

We'll get another dog as they provide good security here. But for the moments now we mourn the passing of this good dog, Bear.

Bear as a puppy.