At The Beach

James and Jerard had their first day at the beach yesterday.
It's been my desire to take the babies to the beach for quite a while, but with all Jerard's surgeries and sickness it wasn't possible.
Thankfully, gratefully, Jerard is healthy and doing well now.
We enjoyed a wonderful time at the beach!

The boys ready to go to the beach

James in the water with Kirsten. Kirsten is a very good 'ate' (older sister) to her brothers (all three of them!)

Jerard in the water with Ben and I.

Jerard and Ben. Friends were at the beach who had a baby floaty for us to use while they were there. Both boys enjoyed floating in that baby seat. Jerard seemed to really relax floating in the water. He smiled and looked very content floating in that seat.

James and Kirsten.

Playing with friends. Several families we knew were at the beach yesterday.

Playing with friends.

Kirsten relaxing with a book.

James says a day at the beach is tiring!

Making a sand water tunnel.


_On the boat ride home. Malapoyong si James! (James is happy). _

Ben and Jerard are tired from the day at the beach.