Answering a Few Questions

I've had many ask these questions..."Will Jerard need his shunt replaced? What about the cyst?"

It is great to be home with Jerard but we are not done with surgeries yet.

The four neurosurgeons who conferenced on Jerard felt it best to let him get a bit stronger physically prior to operating.

We meet again with the neurosurgeon on Tuesday to find out more about what to expect in the upcoming weeks and months. The shunt replacement is still undecided as to whether or not it will be replaced. Jerard has his cerebral fluid tested again on Tuesday. If signs of infection show up then we will need to replace the shunt. In the meantime the CFS will be monitored.

The cyst will definitely have to be taken care of but the neurosurgeons wanted to let Jerard get stronger and have another CT scan done in one month.

Keep praying for him and for us.