...And Now A Word From Jerard....6/6/10


Thank you for praying for me.

Please keep it up.
I haven't had any seizures since yesterday around noon.

I'm in a room with all kinds of tubes and wires and beeps and people coming in and out.

Today my eyes were open more. My Mom said they were giving me blood. I really don't like the IV needle in my foot. I kept trying to kick at it but my Mom or someone put a blanket in the way so I couldn't.

I started lifting my right arm today and playing a little bit with my alphabet wheel. I like to spin it and hear it sing.

I cough a lot but it's phlegm. I don't eat on my own. My left side doesn't like to move much. Someone stuck a tube down my nose into my stomach to feed me Isomil. I can't wait til that comes out.
I was trying to pull that out too but the nurse tied a cloth to my arm and to the bed so I couldn't reach up to pull it out.

Keep me in your prayers, please. The doctors are happy to see me more awake today but I don't feel like moving much. Pray I don't have anymore seizures and that the medicines they want to give me orally will help me not have any.

I guess I'll be in the hospital a few more days. They want me to eat on my own but I have no desire even to suck on a sippy cup right now. I'm just really, really tired!