An Evening At Our House

Ever wonder what we do at night? Well....probably not, but I'll give you a glimpse of this evening!!!!!

James and Jerard lying together enjoying their bedtime bottles
before going to bed.

Kurt teaching Livel and Joebert about programming in JAVA
They come for supper and JAVA class on M and Th at 5p.m.
-8:30 or so. Besides the work in programming Kurt does at
SIL,Kurt enjoys teaching others how to program.
Our friend Ruth is in the background with Jerard. She's a
good Lola to James and Jerard!

Mikayla is working on homework at her computer!

Kirsten is done with her homework and is playing a computer
game at Club Penquin.

The overall scene in the dining room....JAVA class at the table
Mikayla at her computer; our friends Janet and Ruth playing
with Jerard. They had provided a fabulous dinner of chicken
stir-fry and rice!

James burning off energy climbing on the sala.

Ruth with a very tired Jerard!

Ben making shadows on the wall before bedtime.

I was having fun taking pics of all the activites going on. I also took care of loose glass frames for one daughter, bandaged some bleeding cuts for another daughter, rocked babies, read to Ben...and now I'm blogging! (And yes, JAVA lessons are still in process for another hour or so!!!)