A word from Jerard

Hi All,

I can't thank you enough for all your prayers.

I am sleeping and eating better though not as good as my brother.
But the doctors are really pleased with how much my head has gone down and that I am starting to gain some weight.

The nurses weighed me yesterday and I am 4.2 kilos, which in pounds equals 9.24 pounds.

A close up of my head....my Mom and Dad call my head a 'shape shifter'...compare my head to the picture from 5 days ago; it's changed a lot!!!!

Me in bed with Tweety and Bear

Please keep praying; not just for me, but for my brother who has a fever and sounds like he's coming down with bronchitis, for my Mom and Dad to stay healthy, and for my Ates Mikayla and Kirsten, and Kuya Ben.

Pray also for wisdom for the doctors and my Mom and Dad. Since I have a shunt in my head and am being treated for meningitis, I need to have my shunt replaced. I guess the bad germs like to hide out in the tubing away from the antibiotics and could make me sick all over again...yuck. So, a second surgery for me is probably coming up pretty soon.