A Permanent Place to Rent

We have finally located a house to rent. The house is located about a 5 minute walk from the office where I am working and the school that the kids are attending. The house is situated on a double lot so there is some yard for the kids to play in. There are three bedrooms upstairs and another downstairs. There is plenty of space of visitors (that is a hint for our relatives and friends).

We will be moving in around April 1 so we have a little bit to wait yet. In the meantime, we have started to purchase some bigger ticket items for the house like a fridge, washer, desks, beds, etc. Most of what we have purchased so far we bought from another couple who are leaving to go back to the States so they had to sell everything in their whole house. That saved us a lot of time going store to store. Fortunately, the office where I work has an bodega (storage shed) which has enough room for us to store everything until we move in.