A Morning in the Life of Us....

Kurt working on programming at home.

Our friend, Ruth, stops by in the morning on non-school days
and helps Jerard eat breakfast! Such a blessing her help is.

James standing by the freezer he was helping me defrost.

Mikayla and friend, Danielle, eating breakfast. Danielle spent
the night. Keep Danielle and her family in your prayers.
Her Mom is in Manila at the moment recovering from colon
cancer surgery.

Hung up clothes drying in the morning sun.

James swinging on a rope swing we have in the house to keep
him busy.

Danielle, James (yes, he loves to change his clothes), and
Mikayla having fun in the kitchen.
Ben and Kirsten were sleeping in while all this activity occurred between the hours of 5:30 - 8 a.m.